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  • High Torque Ratchet Wrench
    • 180°Flexible Hand.
    • With high torque.
    • Satin Finish.
    • Torque : 6;200 Kg/Cm
    • PKG: 12pcs / 15kgs / 16kgs / 0.3'

  • Universal Vacuum Clamp Set of 6pcs

    Fix sticky material onto products with much convenience and effect stable fixation and adherence

  • 52pcs Radio Removal Tool Set

    Auto repair tools of 52pcs Radio Removal Tool Set.


  • VW and Audi Strut Nut Socket
    • Because the top shock retaining nut on VW and Audi FWD cars is recessed inside the strut tower; conventional methods for removing and installing it just won't work. The 1-3/4" long socket reaches down into the recess and fits the slot in the top of the nut. Center bore allows you to use a hex key to hold the strut shaft from turning; and the 7/8" (22mm) hex can gripped with a wrench.
    • Packing: 1pc / 144pcs / 13kgs / 14kgs / 1.2'

  • Lower Ball Joint Socket
    • Lower Ball Joint Socket, for Peugeot 405 / Citroen.
    • Packing: 1pc / 72pcs / 17kgs / 18kgs / 1.5'

  • 46pcs Radio Removal Tool Set

    Auto repair tools of 46pcs Radio Removal Tool Set.


  • Harmonic Balancer Remover & Replacer Set
    • For removal and installation of harmonic balancers on most automotive and light truck applications.
    • Master set includes necessary bolts and adapters for most applications.
    • Bilingual instructions.
    • Replacement parts available.

  • Universal Thread Gauge Set
    • Identify bolts, fittings, pipe threads and spark plugs with either US standard or imperial, metric threads.
    • Soft aluminum won’t damage threads of fine parts.
    • Holes in gauge allow easy identification of component sizes.
    • Gauge allows quick identification of thread pitch or threads per inch.
    • Identifies both thread diameter and pitch.
    • Packing: 1 set (4 pc)/header card, 144sets / 9kgs / 10kgs / 0.6'

  • 12pcs Universal Terminal Release Tool Set
    • Easy, quick and professional repair of malfunctions due to loose contacts.
    • Basic set for about 80% all plug-type connections in passenger cars for damage-free releasing of plug-type connectors, e.g flat and round connectors.
    • Universal application in the field of car electricity.
    • 2-coloured plastic handle with foldable caps protecting the blades from damage and avoiding the risk of inlury. In plastic case with soft foam inserts-missing tools are noticed immediate.

  • 155pcs Socket Set; Bits Socket; Ratchet Handle Set

    The screw head is 15% worn, and 155pcs bits socket ratchet wrench set of auto repair hand tools can still be used normally.


  • BENZ Steering Torque Rod Joint Installer / Remover
    • Special design with self-locking nut to remove and install the torque strut at front axle.
    • Bore size: M14x1.5
    • Packing: 36 / 19 / 20 / 1'

  • PSA Exhaust Pipe Clamp Pliers
    • Special design to hold opening the spring clamp and replace the exhaust.
    • Total length: 300mm Max
    • Jaws opening: 60mm
    • Packing: 36 / 17.9 / 18.9 / 2.3'